Journeys – REVIEW

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The square canvases of Claire Wiltsher’s work accentuate the dimensions of the dramatic global scenery she captures with oil paint and mixed media.  Materials collected on her worldwide journeys are incorporated into some of the pieces to generate a 3 dimensional experience when viewed from a distance.  In exciting abstract pieces, such as ‘Spatial risks’, concentric layers of paint circle outwards to represent the dizzying dynamics of large buildings.  Circumnavigating the spherical O3 gallery, destinations such as Cuba, Belize and Kathmandu are embraced.  ‘Isolation’ and ‘Structure’ depict landscapes closer to home in the format of a small square canvas.  The Artist frequently chooses colour tones that successfully tell the story of each location.  Vivid blue hues draw down the New Zealand sky and ocean in ‘Phenomenon’. There is a feeling that the fired earth tones of Australia have been lifted from the land and onto the paintbrush in ‘Shipwrecked’.  The image of the penetrating white Mediterranean sunlight breaking down the architectural lines normally visible to the naked eye is captured in ‘Translation’; a composition of an Egyptian side street.  Oil impasto is built up to embrace the colour and energy of Nepal in ‘Memento’.  ‘Alluring Light’ of Cuba shines with gold tones and mixed media.  In contrast, other works are pure oil paintings that are notable for their predominant grey colour such as the English ‘Seascape’.  The techniques Wiltsher has honed may inspire the budding Artist to liquidate all assets, pursue global journeys and experience the colours shining through these 20 paintings.  ‘Journeys’ is certainly an exhibition to make your feet itch!


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