Questions to ask on a theatre tour

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review tips

It can be useful to add information about the venue especially if it is a site specific work as in a show that is created to performed in one particular spot like a public park or old shed.

It is also interesting to do a review of the building itself as a separate review if you are looking for content for your blog.

Was the building always a theatre?

The past history of an arts space is often colourful and reflected in the name of the theatre.

Examples include the Tobacco Factory, The Menier Chocolate Factory, The Print Room all had different purposes before they hosted shows.

Does the theatre produce its own work?

The opposite is, the theatre could be a receiving house and presents touring work it contracts in.

It can be useful to give an overview of the types of shows available, especially as some theatres specialise in a genre for example Theatre 503 produces new writing exclusively.

Does the theatre host amateur work or world by local and/or young groups?

There can be a huge interest in community shows and your review is likely to be shared widely.  A recent Amateur show I reviewed got 1000 hits within 3 days.

Does the theatre have a proscenium arch or is in the round or both?

Some theatres are famous for being in the round (where the seating goes all the way around the stage so the actors can be seen from all angles).  The Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough is in the round as it suit the new writing it often produces.

Does the theatre have a loyalty scheme or  is there a multi buy offer on tickets ?  Is there a discount scheme for sections of the community like young people?

If there is a great offer your viewers can have then you can let them know how to ask for the best deal.

Other questions on a theatre tour that can be useful are –

Are there premium tickets that let the audience meet the cast or have extra bonuses?

Do you do off site work or out door shows?

Has the theatre always been on this site?

Was it ever been rebuilt due to fire or major incidents?

Does it have a ghost?



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