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After a great show at your local theatre sometimes there is the chance to meet the cast for an informal QandA.

This may even spark off the idea to write a review of the show to a local paper or blog it yourself.

The details the creative director gives about the show can often make things clearer and the insights are something worth sharing with other people who may want to see the show.

Deeper information about the creative process can help us all look up out of the daily grind to see bigger bolder ideas that puts the everyday in perspective.

By focussing on the questions below this will make it easy to put together a sentence to add more detail to your review –

What inspired the show?  Was it an historic event or a true story or another work of art for example?

What was the reasons behind the colours chosen for the costume design?

How does the company see the show developing beyond this performance? This is particularly interesting if the show is a first night or work in development.

Has the audience response been the same or does it vary in different locations?

Has the response so far been what you expected?  Does the audience laugh or clap points in the play that are unexpected?

How did the script change during rehearsal?  Did you add more funny lines or take a lot of lines out that were not needed?

Has the show changed a lot since it came out of the rehearsal period?

So a great way to wrap up your information is –

The company shared insights on (what inspired show) being the inspiration of the piece during a post show talk and revealed the (how long) rehearsal period brought discoveries that caused (a lot of/very few) changes to the script including (type of changes – cuts in length, new material).

Your guide can help an audience see the woods from the trees.



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