Meet the writer within you

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You already write.

Even if you don’t think so.

This quick writing exercise will nail let your writing start fast.

Think of the last time you explained to a colleague at the water cooler how great last night’s TV show was or raved on social media about what your friends missed when they skipped a trip to the movies.

Put yourself in that moment.

Write down what you said.

So yes of course you already write.

Even if you’re not published.

There are many ways to write which will get you to use a format that is useful and fast to produce.

Now is the time to channel that energy and passion and to share this with your read note down any key phrases that spring to mind from what you said at the water cooler.

Look back at the last texts you wrote to tell friends about a great time on your mobile and spot the words you use.

Try speaking out your review and film it to social media or just to your camera and then transcribe your words later.  This is a great way of capturing your feelings about a show.

Reviews can of course be videos or podcasts so this may be the way your roll.  You can link these audio clips to your website so people can find out the show details there.

To make a longer review try putting all your thoughts on post its or post cards and then rearrange on a pin board.

Computer programmes such as Evernote will link your thoughts across all your gadgets as they come to you until you have enough to rearrange into an article.

Give yourself 20 minutes of time while you cut and paste your words into a review.

You can find your best system of putting your random notes into good order by trying different ideas.

If you are tech savvy try using Scrivener for a way to rearrange your thoughts in bigger documents.






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