Find Your Authentic Voice

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review tips

Choosing what you write about will make it easy to write with passion.

Pick an event to write about that excites you.

To help yourself be at the heart of the latest information putting yourself at the centre of Theatre mailings.

It can be a good idea to open a separate email account and use this to sign up for all theatre newsletters and creative company’s mail outs so this does not clog up your personal email inbox.

This makes it easy to get to the first night of something.  Your review will be one of the first online and you can enjoy added traffic to your site or gain prominence as a reviewer this way.

It’s important to get the latest news from theatres so you can react quickly to their latest season of shows and be the first to cherry pick what works for you.

Choose the show title, image or story from your local theatre’s brochure, website and email newsletter that gives you the most tingles in your stomach.

What makes you feel energised to want to know more about the show?

Now imagine a good friend is sat next to you.  What would you say to them about the show?   What do you want them to know? What action do you want them to take?  Why should they take your word for it?  What would you advise them not to do?

Speak to this friend, using the information available and tell them of what they missed, and why they should see it.  Be sure to include answers to

What was it?

How was it done?

Where was it performed?

Why does it look like it is worth seeing?

or if it is not worth seeing .. Why do the performers/writers/artists feel this work was important to do?

(Maybe it is the centenary of the writer, a play to celebrate a national event or something traditional)

The flow that you hit in writing this small piece lets you hear your own voice.

Publish these responses on your blog or social media and announce to the world there will be more reviews to follow – watch this space! This a great way of getting friends to ask for the next update and this will give you momentum.

How does that make you feel?  Give it a colour/shape/sensation – so you can tap into this quickly when you write your next piece.

Tips on how to be relaxed when you write –

The more at ease you are when you write the deeper the work and more authentic it will be.

Be prepared for your fast plan to create reviews.

Candles, oils, walks, music, a favourite play list that inspires, an energy snack of seeds – get your success kit ready to hand so you are all set to go.  Inspiring pics of places, loved ones or heroes are also good.  A great selection of nice pens and pencils and spiral notebooks.

Be in touch with your inner self so you can find your truth and honest words to use.  They’re all there.  Get used to listening out for them.

Tap into your own way of getting calm and focussed and grounded your own way.

PS – If you have enjoyed this exercise you may like to do a regular ‘top theatre tips’ to your followers suggesting a great show they could try.


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