Calling the Box Office

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There are many things you can discover from a simple phone call to the theatre box office that will be invaluable to your reader.

They will remember you for getting them off the sofa and having a fun time with others!

You are taking the time to lay the foundations for their great night out by showing them information they would not otherwise have the chance to find out if they are making a last minute decision of what to do.

Help your readers connect to their best night out by asking the ticket office –

What is the running time of the show ?

Does the show have an interval ?  If so.. how many ?

What are the cheapest tickets ?

How much do the premium seats cost and what is the benefit of these (free drink or play text for example) ?

During which dates is the show in the theatre for ?

Who is the star or main attraction of the show ?

Has there been any change to the cast due to unforeseen circumstances ?


Using your answers to the above – craft your first opening paragraph on your Word doc or Evernote –

(name of show) is at (name of theatre) during (dates) and for only (cheapest tickets) you can see (main star) appear/dance/sing/shine  in this (length of show) performance



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